Frequently Asked Questions

      o How do I get my gaming account with IBGBET?
      •  To get your gaming account, first you must “Register” as a member of IBGBET. Then, you need to activate your IBGBET member account by clicking the activation link that we sent to your registered email.

      o What is the difference between IBGBET member account and gaming account?
      •  IBGBET member account is solely for request submission to be processed while gaming account is solely for betting purposes for member of IBGBET.

      o How do I deposit/top-up my gaming account?
      •  Kindly submit a request for new gaming account if you wish to register for a gaming account or top-up request if you wish to top-up your existing gaming account.

      o How do withdraw my credit, how long will it take?
      •  After logged in to your IBGBET member account, kindly submits a withdrawal request and it will be processed as soon as we received your request. The fund will be transferred to your nominated bank account under thirty minutes time except for special cases such as online banking maintenance or the gaming account is under further verification.

      o What is the minimum deposit and withdrawal amount?
      •  The minimum initial deposit is $100, $30 for gaming account credit reload. As for withdrawal, there is no minimum amount but any withdrawal figure lower than $50 will be charged with an administration fee of $5.

      o What happens if I need further assistance from IBGBET?
      •  You may contact our helpful online customer service support, or you may contact us via WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, or E-mail.

      o Can member owns multiple IBGBET member account with the same banking details?
      •  For security issue, multiple member account with the same banking details is not allowed.